NUsport manages four sporting ovals, three that are floodlit. All the ovals are located on the grounds of the University of Newcastle's Callaghan campus.

High quality surfaces with the adjoining world class facilities of NUsport, giving athletes and teams a unique opportunity to additionally access high performance training facilities, the pool and testing facilities in a private environment.

Please note: There is limited availability on all fields. Please contact us on 4921 7001 for more information and hire fees. Bookings are essential for all oval use.

Please read the following before completing your Take 5 Wet Weather Form.

When a NUsport managed oval is impacted by a weather event, restricted access may be granted if the below guidelines listed are met and adhered to. Restrictions during weather events will minimise impacts and damage to ovals. This will work in conjunction with NUsport staff notifying your club directly about oval usage limitations.

A NUsport Oval Safety Checklist needs to be completed when severe weather events occur prior to and during game day or training days. During lightning, ALL GAMES OR TRAINING need to cease and participants to seek shelter.

If adverse weather occurs from Monday to Friday, you will be contacted by NUsport advising restrictions, whether a Take 5 form will need completing, or if your booking has been cancelled.

During weekends and if you have not been contacted during weekdays, all bookings will need to complete and submit a Take 5 Wet Weather Form (below) to help you determine whether your booking can safely proceed. Please also read the Oval Usage Policy prior to completing the Take 5 form.

In the event of adverse weather and your booking proceeds (restricted or unrestricted), you assume responsibility for any associated costs incurred due to damage, loss of income from cancelled bookings, and additional maintenance. It's important to be aware that damage to the oval can lead to its closure for an extended period, resulting in financial loss for cancelled bookings and inconvenience for other users. Your cooperation in ensuring the proper care and use of the oval is greatly appreciated.