The Power Of Positivity


In times when certain things around us are beyond our control, choosing to focus on what you can control instead will be empowering and help you cope with the challenge at hand.

An optimistic mindset will improve your overall physiology, for example smiling over frowning triggers different signals to the brain that we are doing ok and keeps us calm and productive vs in a state of fight or flight where stress and anxiety creeps in.

A positive mindset will help you better navigate through uncertainty until you reach the end of the tunnel, and keeps the body in a balanced state which helps us stay relaxed and continue to function in an optimal way i.e. sleep, digestion and our mental clarity.

For those with limited contact to their networks, remind yourself that the person isolating in the room or house next to you – is experiencing what you are too.
You are not alone and others understand exactly how you feel.

There are several things you can do right now, to optimise your wellbeing:


Deep breathing will help to keep your body in a state of calm.

Try the 5 x 5 x 5 method any time you feel yourself breathing shallow.

Breathe in for 5 seconds;

Out for 5 seconds;

Repeats 5 times.

This will help to relax your body again.


Stay mind strong

You have already survived 100% of your bad days so far, let today be no different. Give yourself credit for what you have already achieved.
Tell yourself, “I haven’t come this far, to only get this far”.

Choosing a growth mindset will allow you to see change as an opportunity to grow through resilience.


Create a gratitude or vision board, then share it with others.

It might be collage of family, friends, career goals, or a holiday destination, words of motivation - anything that helps you stay strong and strive to get through the challenge.

Add this to your zoom background, desktop screen saver or print out somewhere you can see it easy to remind you of your ‘why’. It will be worth it.


Embrace the extra down time and learn a new skill.

Whether is a form of drawing, craft, a new language, or dance move – you can learn just about anything via the internet these days. Busy your mind with something you never had the time to do before and feel accomplished. Or it might be that your re-read your favourite book or download a new one via audible or stumble across an uplifting podcast to help you keep busy, inspired and more knowledgeable.



Every day, make the effort to catch up with someone close to you for a real conversation. Human interaction is instinct, and our bodies thrive on the love and friendship drug when we speak to others. Take advantage of the internet and catch up online in a group, or in a virtual coffee chat. Picking up the phone or even writing a hand-written letter ready to send when possible is a great way to keep in touch.


Make time for exercise every day.

Whether that be a physical workout or mindfulness like meditation – take advantage of our ready to watch ‘Stay Active’ workouts on our website [], or livestreaming classes through The Forum App if you have access as a member.
This will promote better sleep and mood.


Better sleep patterns

Try and go to bed the same time each night and wake the same time each morning. Getting 7+ hours of sleep per night will help boost your mindset the next day and mental clarity. Try not to fall into the habit of your body not knowing night from day which is easy to fall into when we stay in our pyjamas and play online games in the dark.
Your body will struggle when you can get back out there and into normal life if you don’t.

Create a bedtime routine with ample down time off the screen to help you sleep soundly and wind down your mind.  A book or gentle music with dim lights will trigger your body it’s time to switch off.


These are just some ways to stay positive and create mental resilience. Stay strong. #ForumFamily



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